Graduate Certificate Programs

Each of the content areas in the Computer Information Systems’ Master of Science Degree Program constitutes a Certificate Program. A certificate in each of the areas of Biomedical Informatics, Database Management, Distributed Systems, Information Systems Management, Object-oriented Technology, Software Design and Development, or Software Engineering is awarded to a student who completes a content area. The last two courses in the content area must be completed at Grand Valley State University.

Admission criteria for a certificate program are identical to admission criteria for the master’s degree program. Certificate candidates enroll in the standard master’s degree program courses, with grading criteria being identical. Should a certificate candidate decide to change to the master’s degree program, all coursework taken toward the certificate will apply to his or her master’s degree program. The following certificates each require a 3-course sequence, which totals 9 credit hours:

Software Engineering
CIS 611 Introduction to Software Engineering
CIS 612 Requirements Specification
CIS 613 Software Testing

Object-Oriented Technology
CIS 621 Object-Oriented Programming
CIS 622 Software Design Methodologies
CIS 623 Graphical User Interface Design

Information Systems Management
CIS 641 Management of Software Development
CIS 642 Software Project Management
CIS 643 Information Systems Policy

Distributed Computing
CIS 654 Computer Networking
CIS 656 Distributed Systems
CIS 658 Web Architectures

Database Management
CIS 673 Principles of Database Design
CIS 676 Database Systems Performance
CIS 679 Advances in Database Management Systems

Biomedical Informatics
CIS 661 Introduction to Medical & BioInformatics
(Plus two of the following)
CIS 635 Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining
CIS 665 Clinical Information Systems
CIS 671 Information Visualization
CIS 677 High-Performance Computing
CIS 678 Machine Learning

Any questions or feedback should be sent to the CIS Graduate Program Chairperson, Dr. D. Robert Adams.