DEN: Distributed Execution Network

GVSU School of Computing and Information Systems

Data for Development in Boston

Congratulations to undergraduate students Kurt O’Hearn and Christine Sauer (Economics) and graduate assistant Yuki Kutsumi for participating in the Data for Development (D4D) Challenge. Kurt and Christine presented a research poster of the work, “Applying Mobile Datasets in Computational Public Health Research,” at the NetMob 2013 conference held at MIT in Cambridge, MA. The research involved data analysis of large proprietary phone records to aid in developing effective new public health policies for Ivory Coast, Africa. This collaborative work included Drs. Jonathan Leidig and Jerry Scripps.

South Dakotian Signal Processing

Congratulations to undergraduates and DENizens Erin Carrier and Nate Bowman, who presented a research paper, titled “PyGASP: Python-based GPU-Accelerated Signal Processing,” at the IEEE Electro-Information Technology conference (EIT 2013) in Rapid City, SD. Erin and Nate developed a toolkit that allows scientists and engineers to easily perform domain transformations on signals and images.

Computational Science in Catalonia

Congratulations to graduate student Byron DeVries and undergraduate student Kurt O’Hearn for publishing their research entitled ‘’Parallel Implementations of FGMRES for Solving Large, Sparse Non-Symmetric Linear Systems.’‘ Byron will be presenting the work at the Intl. Conf. on Computational Science in Barcelona, Spain. For this work, a Krylov-space solver that executes efficiently on multi-GPU shared-memory systems was developed. This collaborative work includes Drs. Joe Ianelli and Christian Trefftz.

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