DEN: Distributed Execution Network

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Dr. Greg Wolffe

Dr. Wolffe was the advisor for Jodie Kok and Elizabeth Elzinga who initially constructed Los Lobocitos. He is behind every DEN. project. Dr. Wolffe also teaches the Operating Systems Concepts and Computer Architecture courses at GVSU.


Kurt O'Hearn

Kurt currently works as the DEN’s system administrator. He is also involved in building a Hadoop cluster for use with Dr. Wolffe’s High-Performance Computing course.

In addition, Kurt also holds an internship at the Van Andel Institute in Grand Rapids, tasked with the job of configuring their new cluster.

Yuka Kutsumi

Yuka is currently involved in writing a Hadoop tutorial and example project for Dr. Wolffe’s High-Performance Computing course.

Nate Bowman

Nate is currently working with Erin Carrier on a Python implementation of a wavelet transformation.

Erin Carrier

Erin is currently working with Nate Bowman on a Python implementation of a wavelet transformation.

Sean Fisk

Sean is a graduate student who holds a Graduate Assistanship for working in the DEN. As part of the assistantship, he is designing a new website for the DEN in addition to establishing a project managment tool.

Sean is also working on his Master’s Thesis, advised by Dr. Wolffe. The topic is “Automatic Parallelizing of Functional Programs.”


Briee De Graaf

Briee received a grant from CREU for the 3Dna project along with Tea Vranish and Lauren Dearmas. Her focus on the project was the user interface as well as coding.

Lauren Dearmas

Lauren received a grant from CREU for the 3Dna project along with Tea Vranish and Briee De Graaf. She was in charge of the computer graphics aspect of 3Dna.

Tea Vranish

Tea received a grant from CREU for the 3Dna project along with Lauren Dearmas and Briee De Graaf. Her focus in the project was the hardware and coding.

Matt Fletcher

Matt Fletcher received a grant from the Summer Undergraduate Research Program at GVSU to patch the Linux Kernel to allow user-level programs to access certain privleged instructions.

Rosangela Canino-Koning

Rosie received a Michigan Space Grant Consortium grant to work on a parallel neural network implementation that spots asteroids in photos taken by the Hubble space telescope.

David Cherba

David became involved in the DaWISP project early in the summer and has offered helpful code and advice.

John Oleszkiewicz

John designed and coded the early versions of the DaWISP Project and acted as the cluster administrator in the summer of 2001 as an intern. John continued his involvement into the 2001-2002 school year as cluster administrator. In the winter of 2002, he started his honors senior project - GAT - and finished in the summer of 2002. John was accepted to the graduate school of Michigan State University.

Elizabeth Elzinga

As a member of the GVSU Honors Program, Elizabeth Elzinga initiated the construction of the Beowulf cluster for her Honors Senior Project. She did some of the initial construction and wrote parallel test programs for the cluster.

Jodie Kok

Jodie initially constructed Los Lobocitos as part of an independent study. She also did the vast majority of the initial research, software configuration, script writing, and documentation. She has presented a paper at the Consortium for Computing in Small Colleges. which was published in the Journal of Computing in Small Colleges (Volume 17, Number 1 - October 2001). Jodie has since graduated and currently works at Gordon Food Service as a UNIX system administrator.



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