DEN: Distributed Execution Network

GVSU School of Computing and Information Systems


The DEN provides a variety of academic and research-related services. Below is a list of hosts and the services which they provide.


Founded in 2012 as part of an independent study, C-lupus is a Rocks linux cluster constructed out of commodity hardware. The cluster, which currently consists of 5 nodes, supports distributed programming environments and applications including Message Passing Interface (MPI) and Apache Hadoop.


Fenrir is the trusty DEN firewall/gateway.


Kiyiya was added to the DEN in November 2011 after participating in the LittleFe Buildout Event through the Education Program at Supercomputing 2011. The LittleFe program provides small Beowulf-style diskless linux clusters to educators as tools for teaching parallel computing. LittleFe clusters run off of Boot Cluster CD (BCCD), a debian-based linux cluster distribution.


Constructed as part of a summer project in 2010, Laurentia serves as host for running dual projectors for 3D graphics work in the DEN.


A small but formidable rackmounted 1U server, Okami has served as a development platform for large shared memory applications and as a dedicated platform for scalaing experiments.


Built as part of a Student Summer Scholars grant in 2007, Seawolf is a platform leveraged for general purpose programming on graphics processing units (GPGPU). Outfitted a NVIDIA Tesla C1060 GPU, programs running on Seawolf written using the Compute Unified Device Architecture (CUDA) API are capable of massive multi-threaded parallelism.


Recently added to the DEN as part of a graduate student assistant, Susi provides project management and code versioning through Gitlab.