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  • C99 (September 2007)
  • C11 (April 2011)

Using CLion on Windows

  1. Download and install MinGW64 Builder from its SourceForge site
  2. Run the installer program mingw-w64-install.exe from the above downloaded. When prompted, use C:/MinGW64 (if you use a different name avoid using white spaces/special characters such as C:\MinGW64 for Me). The following instructions assume that your MinGW compilers are installed under this path.
  3. Update your Windows PATH settings to include C:/MinGW64/mingw32/bin
    • Open your Windows Control Panel
    • Click on System and Security, then select System
    • Click on “Advanced system settings” on the left hand side
    • Click “Environment Variables” on the lower right corner
    • Append the above path, make sure to separate it by a semicolon from the previous path
  4. Download CLion from JetBrains. The link says 30-day free trial, but students can apply for an academic license
  5. Run CLion and follow its configuration settings, when the PATH settings are configured correctly, CLion should automatically discover MinGW64