CIS 361 Final Exam Guide


The final exam will contain 8 questions. Approximately falf of them will be short answer, and approximately half will be programming. For short answer questions, I am expecting approximately 1 paragraph (several sentences), or a few bullet points in response. Answers that are just a couple words will generally not recieve full credit. Coding questions may require you to write or fix a function, or a small C, shell, or awk program. You will be allowed a single one-sided page of notes for this exam. This may be no bigger than a standard letter-sized piece of paper. You may use your own computer or the eos machines for the exam, but may only use the compiler (gcc), debugger (gdb), and a text editor of your choice.


Any topic covered in lecture is valid material for the exam (however, the focus will be topics not covered on the midterm). The topic list below is not guaranteed to be comprehensive.