CIS 451 Exam 1 Guide


The first midterm will be approximately 8 - 10 questions. Some may have multiple parts. All questions will be short answer, calculation, or building circuits. For short answer questions, I am expecting a few sentences in response Answers that are just a couple words will generally not recieve full credit.

You are allowed a single page of notes (so you do not have to memorize everything). This page of notes should be one-sided on standard letter-sized paper.


Any topic covered in lecture/discussion through 2/6/2013 is valid material for the exam. The topic list below is not guaranteed to be comprehensive.

Sample Problems

Your best indicator of the type of questions to expect are the quizzes. You should be able to answer similar types of questions to all asked on the quizes so far.

You should also be able to answer the following questions from the book, which I believe cover important material. I am not providing answers to these, it is up to you to ask questions if there is something you don't think you understand. Note that exam topics are not limited to the topics of these questions.

As previously stated, the midterm is not limited to topis of these questions. All material covered in lecture is fair for the exam, but I do not like a lot of the book's questions (a lot of them are very computational).