CIS 451 Class Presentation

In teams of two, prepare a 15 minute presentation on some computer arhitecture related topic of interest to you not covered (or not covered in detail) in lecture. Additionally, prepare a short report on the topic (2-5 pages).

Due dates:


Give a presentation that you believe would be interesting to watch. Do not just stand at the front of the room and talk. Instead, use the whiteboard, powerpoint, or other visuals. However, take care not to just read slides or write everything you say on the whiteboard. Ask questions. Be sure to teach something to the audience.

Your report should be 3 - 5 pages in 10 point font. Longer is not always better. Make it the length it needs to be (within the guidelines) to show your understanding of the topic. You must cite at least 5 sources. Your bibliography is not considered towards the page count.


As described in the syllabus, this assignment is worth 5% of your grade. The report will be worth approximately 40% of the grade for this assignment, while the presentation itself will be worth 60%. If it is clear to me that one group member wrote the report completely and the other created the presentation completely, your grade will reflect that. A more specific grading rubric may be posted later.


You may choose any topic relevant to the class. However, only one group may cover any given topic, and topics are first come first served (email me your choice when you have a partner and a topic). I will tell you if I do not believe your topic is relevant. Below are some general topic ideas, however, do not feel limited to these:


This schedule will be filled in as people claim time slots. If presenting during lab, and both group members are in the same lab section, please do not choose the other lab section. There are 38 students, so there should be 19 groups of 2.

Wednesday, Apr 17, 11:00 - 12:00

  1. FPGAs - Robert Afton and Jordan Visser
  2. Amazon Web Services architecture - Jacob Payne, Cody Rivers
  3. DNA Computing - Matt Lukasiewicz, Tyler Blanchard

Thursday, Apr 18, 8:00 - 10:00

  1. USB 3.0 - Darin Douglass, Grason Brennan
  2. ARM Architecture - Kyle Stanford, Eric Bourwhuis
  3. RAM Disk - Steve Bischoff, Ben Summers
  4. PS4 (AMD JAGUAR) architecture - Craig Coolman, Jake Gascho
  5. Hardware Trojans - Aaron Herndon, Chris Carr
  6. Quantum Computing - Ann Brown, Sun Kim
  7. Nanotechnology - Eric Born, Tristan Cotter

Thursday, Apr 18, 10:00 - 12:00

  1. Holographic Memory - Joshua Whitehead, Otto Rojas
  2. GPUs - Matthew Shrider, James Uhe
  3. i5 and i7 processors - Ryan Campbell, Conner Fallone
  4. Neuromorphic VLSI - Doug MacDonald, Jordon Biondo
  5. Solid state drives - Erik Kramer, Nick Wilcox
  6. Windows Azure architecture - Shannon Jones, Kandace Gordon

Friday, Apr 19, 11:00 - 12:00

  1. Cell Architecture - Olivia Taber, Keith Welsh
  2. SPARC - Corey Bennett, Lucas Ordaz
  3. Supercomputing with Cell processors - Alexander Chau, James Watthanasintham