CIS 654 Computer Networking Paper/Presentation


Chosen Topics

These topics have been chosen and are no longer available. Dates will be assignned shortly.
Home AutomationSruthi Madanu2/25/2014
Industrial AutomationJayaprakash Garaga2/25/2014
ARNIC-644 Aircraft NetworkJim Cornett2/25/2014
??? Richard Hackler2/25/2014
Cloud ServicesDivya Vemula3/11/2014
Online Privacy IssuesIsha Singh3/11/2014
Wireless Sensor NetworksRakesh Patel3/11/2014
WiMax NetworksPournima Ghule3/11/2014
Digital ForensicsSamah Mansour3/18/2014
Bluetooth (history / low power mode)Chris Carr3/18/2014
Bluetooth (3.0 / Highspeed)Patrick Glaser3/18/2014
NFCMatt Weiden3/18/2014


For this assignment, you will do a presentation and short paper on one advanced topic in networking. Depending on the topic, it may summarize current research, the workings of a protocol, or how a specific technology works. This is an individual assignment. Your presentation should be approximately 15 minutes (not including time for questions). Dates will be assigned according to the topic chosen (similar topics will be on the same day). The paper should be 4 - 5 pages including citations, in IEEE conference style.

Below is a list of suggested topics. Most of these are too broad to cover comprehensively in a 15 minute presentation; you are not required to cover the topic comprehensively. I can work with you on narrowing the topic after you select one. You may also choose a topic not on this list (subject to approval). If there was something you wanted to learn in class that is not on the schedule, this is your opportunity. Only one person may present on a given topic, and they will be assigned on a first request basis. Please email the instructor with your top three choices (in case your top choice is already claimed).


You may use any sources of information you want for background on your presentation. There are a few good places to look for academic papers on all of these topics.

Searching key words related to any of the topics at the below sites would be useful. Note the IEEE and ACM libraries do not provide free access, but if you access them from on campus, or link to these sites though the databases section of the GVSU library site, you can access the articles free.